Friday, July 3, 2009

Winter '09

I talked to my brother in Fiji on Skype the other day. He was sitting in his office, dressed in his light, short-sleeved shirt, skiting about how warm it was. 30 deg he said, while we were in the house shivering by the fire with an outside temp of about 3 deg.

Woke up to snow this morning and decided to put some pickies on here to show big bro what it's actually like in the 'real world'!

Looking slightly south of Christchurch. Coalgate centre right.

Through the shoulder of the right hand goat is Springfield ... Torlesse Range behind.

Sou' West toward Whitecliffs.


FijiDave said...

Nice photo's, Wrat.

It may have been 30 degrees when we spoke, however, at this time of the year it is just great at about 25 during the day and cool nights down to about 19 degrees - means you can have the duvet up! Great.

A bit of clean snow never went amiss with me - as long as I don't have to camp in it. I enjoy walking around in it occasionally - makes a change from the tropics.

WebWrat said...

Dick has had enough ... he's away home today!

When we lived up in Mot, I used to miss the southern winters.

I must have been bloody nuts!

KG said...

I'll never complain about the cold here again.

gecko said...

I'll take the 30 deg. any day!